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my name is colton j lavely and i’m an illustrator and designer with a passion for pen and ink drawing and boundary pushing design.

as a metal head and horror enthusiast, i bring a unique style, a fearless attitude, and a desire to create effective solutions to every project. i’m self-driven to a fault, have never missed a deadline, and strive to be the hardest working person in the room. i have a distinct style i love to work in, but i also thrive when leaving my comfort zone to create something i’ve never done. i’ll talk for an uncomfortably long time

about video games if given the opportunity.




what kind of pen do you use?

pilot metropolitan fountain pen. blue pumpkin pen nibs.

what kind of ink do you use?

waterman intense black for fountain pens. dr. ph martin's bombay black dip pen ink, its the blackest ink i've found.

what do you use for digital art?

a cintiq 16 pro and photoshop. lots of kyle's splatter brush and texture files.

do you do commisions?

yes, but not for free.

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